IoT Procurement Solution

Simple & Efficient

Secured Pricing

Remove Quote "Fishing"

Single Supplier

Simplify Procurement


We guarantee pricing structure!

We enter the market with a unique business plan. Reduce the cost to the customer... Permanently!

We provide access to virtually all IoT products at a pre-agreed, permanent margin. Yes, we agree a locked-margin with your business on all purchases. Do we have your attention? Now we take it one step further. We provide transparent proof of your locked-margin at any time.



What We Offer for You

We work with many importers of IoT to secure the lowest possible costs.


By agreeing to a predefined margin with your business, we give your business the piece of mind that costs are kept at it's lowest

Simplify Processes

By knowing your margins, we remove the need for you to request multiple quotes. Reducing turn-around times for your IT and Procurement department

Supplier Agreement

We put pen to paper on our agreements. Once a margin is agreed on, we draw up an agreement and sign to that effect

Single Supplier

By partnering with a host of importers, we remove the need for you to deal with multiple suppliers as well as the risks that comes with it

Transparent Reports

We provide "proof-of-margin" reports at any time, when requested. This way, we ensure you that your agreement has been honored